About me

Having to spend more time at home due to the pandemic, it gave me chance to be productive and spend more time on my favorite hobby, sewing! I love every minute and can literally spend all day sewing and browsing through the internet looking at all the beautiful fabrics, I just want to buy them all!  

I decided on my business name 'Crafty Old Bag' aiming to capture peoples attention and its funny, but mainly because I started out making things with heaps of old material that's been hanging around for years, plus my lovely mum always looks out for different fabrics for me when shes out and about. 

If you have something in your home that needs an update, cushions, table runners, place mats, chair pads, give me a shout, let me know what you would like and I will happily help with ideas and a plan.


My Designs

I'm really into retro designs mostly, just love all those bright psychedelic bold colours, along with tons of other favorites, small flowers, abstract, tie dye prints and tweed.

Textures of fabrics are important too, take a cushion for example, I personally like to cuddle a cushion, so the more soft and silky smooth it is the better.

Using my designs, we can create a reflection of your personality and turn your house into a home!